The Vision

Alba Bio stands out mainly for its high production capacity, maintaining constant quality. Continuous investments in technological and varietal innovation allow members to make use of the most advanced production solutions, aimed at improving the company’s income.

Alba Bio’s goal is to produce ORGANIC fruit and vegetables of excellent quality while respecting nature, that are capable of satisfying the expectations of the most demanding consumers at European and international levels.

“We believe in the growth of our group of producers. In this regard, we are investing in the structuring of new production plants.”

The key to the development of this common project lies in the process of complementarity between the administrative-management part (programming and marketing) and the production companies (the backbone of the OP). All while supporting the environment with the aim to leave a clean world for future generations. 

The Cooperative



In Marina di Ragusa (RG), from the union of three family agricultural producers who have pooled their resources and strengths, the Alba Bio Cooperative is born.

The crops are located in the South-East of Sicily, on the Ragusa coast, in a very favourable position from a pedoclimatic point of view for organic farming.


The cooperative becomes the O.P. “Organisation of Producers”, which brings together 25 producers who, thanks to about 150 hectares of greenhouse and open-field production, deliver their organic produce directly to the Alba Bio to be packaged and marketed.


Continuing growth Alba Bio unites 34 local producers, with 200 hectares of cultivation land and an annual production of 15 million kg of healthy organic products sold throughout Italy and Europe.